Climate Change:

The horrific hurricanes of this past summer are evidence of the dire need for proactive environmental policies to practically reduce carbon emissions. This starts at home – with the implementation of clean energy policies. Instead of subsiding old technologies, the United States needs to lead the way in innovation. We need to support technologies sector in this country to begin developing new, renewable energy sources. We need to lead the way in the next generation of green technologies – whether they be Ocean Wave technology, the conversion of methane gas at landfills to clean energy, or the elusive fusion power – the United States needs to lead the way.


This is the most pressing issues of the present day. The Federal Government’s perpetual inaction on cyber-security leaves government systems, business, and citizens at risk. Congress needs to take a stand and protect the people of the United States. Our infrastructure is jointly the responsibility of the Federal Government and the Private Sector. Congress needs to incentivize research and development, increase penalties for negligent corporations and public utilities exposing systems and public data to risk. We need to authorize Federal cyber-actors – in the military, law enforcement, and intelligence – to support private sector clients at risk or under attack. In the same ways that the many other governments support the integrity of private systems digitally. Congress needs to encourage the President to adopt the Budapest Convention on cybercrime, so the global community share resource to stop cyber-criminals. Finally, we need to prioritize a cyber-education in this nation so we can equip out children to think, learn, and act in the digital world of today.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA):

DACA is not only a great example of compromise, but a necessity for the United States. It prevented the deportations of hundreds-of-thousands of people living in this country since childhood. Creating a system which protects them from deportation is great for their families, our communities, and our country at large. These young people are contributing members of our economy; who we have trained and educated here in America. We have invested in them, and we need to continue investing in them. Repealing DACA without an appropriate replacement - is not only cruel - denying these people the promise of the American Dream, something they have spent their lives working for - but a waste of creativity and ingenuity needed to solve the problems of tomorrow. As Congress


Unfortunately – both parties are guilt of holding the American Education system hostage to their political agenda. Too many obstacles have been constructed micromanaging teacher’s classrooms. As your Congressman, I will fight to make sure that inflated administrations do not prevent your tax dollars for going where they need to go most – the classroom. As an immigrant, I understand firsthand the power and benefit of a good education. I will fight to reduce the rising costs of higher education, so it is not only accessible to the wealthy in this country. I will also fight to ensure that young people looking to earn professional skills, trades, or crafts have the same access to affordable, and quality, education. Every single child should have the opportunity to pursue the calling they aspire to in life.

Environmental Protection:

Once upon a time, environmental policy was not a partisan issue. It was about protecting our world for ourselves and our posterity. In many ways, California leads the nation in environmental protection, but nationally there is still much to be done. We need to begin by pushing for similar environmental protections as we have in California across the national, with respect and consideration given to the cost these regulations will place on working families. If other States in our nation begin to revolutionize and modernize their environmental policies, everyone will benefit. We also need to designate more marine and wildlife sanctuaries, and increasing funding for our National Parks and Landmarks.

Gun Control:

No issue has become more politicized in this country than gun control. I think that pragmatic gun control is founded in common sense, but respects our Second Amendment Constitutional Rights. It begins by enforcing the gun control legislations in effect, and improving the national background check reporting systems. I believe that as American’s we are entitled to our Second Amendment right, but I also acknowledge that responsibility accompanies that right. We need to eliminate the circulation of unregistered firearms, we need to increase regulation and reporting surrounding the sale of firearms at gun shows, and gun buy backs need to become a more common practice in the United States.


As an immigrant myself, I am appalled at how this issue of basic human rights, has turned into a political weapon. As an Independent, I hope to work with both sides to create meaningful and effective immigration reform. Quotas and other remnants of the past need to be done away with. We need to restructure the immigration process and expedite the immigration process. Allowing more people access to freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, and freedom of opportunity.

Job Creation:

Small business is the backbone of the American economy, and I believe that we need to do a better job of creating opportunity for all people – to follow their passions, to chase their dreams, and to create sustainable ways to support their families. Small businesses are the incubators of innovation; the cure for cancer or the secret to sustainable energy will be created with an idea and start-up capital. I think that we need to reduce the regulations for small business, create federal programs increasing access to finance, and we need to cut taxes for local businesses so they can remain competitive in a globalized economy.

Space Policy:

I do agree with the Administration's ambitions to reinvigorate our national space program, and pave the way for manned missions to Mars and the Moon. First and foremost; with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in our district, many people living right here in the 28th will benefit from increased investment in the space program. Aside from the jobs this will bring to our district; the innovations from space exploration have created many advancements in energy, medicine, and environmental science. The federal spending in this area will lead to countless other scientific achievements which will improve the quality of life for so many people.

Tax Code Reform:

I am pleased that Congress finally updated the tax code. The American economy has significantly evolved since the 1980s, and thirty years is far too long to put off such an important issue. Times have changed, and it is important that the tax code is modernized to reflect the times. I believe that many middle class and working-class families here in California, are paying too much of their hard-earned wages to the government. That being said, I do not believe that the recently passed legislation introduced, is in the best interest of the American people. People everywhere deserve meaningful tax reform; but it was irresponsible to increase the national debt so substantially. It is wrong to prioritize the highest earners and large corporations, over working families. We need to amend this legislation, so it does more to support small, community business. If tax cuts can be introduced indefinitely for large corporations, then permanent tax cuts certainly can be introduced for middle class families as well. Tax reform needs to be democratized to improve the lives of all tax payers.


Infrastructure in the United States is outdated, and quite frankly antiquated. We need to begin modernizing it immediately. When elected, I will prioritize funding for new projects here in Southern California to help modernize our decrepit highway system. Southern California’s economy is dependent upon the movement of people and goods, and we need to ensure movement in safe and effective ways. The modernization of our National Infrastructure means we need to invest in a resilient transportation system designed to meet the challenges of the future. We need to incorporate safety measures for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, to expedite the adoption of electric vehicles, and to meet the demand of California’s large population.